About Us

The Larry A. Outlaw Excellence in Education Award, a newly established award by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, was presented to educator and attorney Mel Black (third from left)at the 2016 Real Estate Educators Conference. Mel also was presented with the North Carolina Real Estate Educators Association (NCREEA) award. Deborah Outlaw (second from left), wife of the late Larry Outlaw, joined presenters Cindy Chandler, Commission Chair, and George Bell, Vice Chair, at the Commission’s spring Educators Conference

Our Mission

At BrightPath, our goal is to provide high quality education to those in the appraisal and real estate industries by offering the best online and live in person classes in the State of North Carolina. Our goal is to provide education that builds professional competency by delivering accurate, timely and engaging instruction and curriculum.

Pursue an Appriasal Career

In addition to offering appraisal and real estate continuing education classes, BrightPath also aspires to be the destination of choice for those seeking to become real estate appraisers in North Carolina. Through our long standing appraisal qualifying courses offered across the state several times per year, we hope to shape our students into the best real estate appraisers in North Carolina.

Our Difference

Our instructors are the best! Ask around, no seriously, ask your peers. Our classes are some of the most informative and up to date in the industry and our partners are outstanding. Our instructors are not only some of the most experienced industry professionals, but they are also impactful and engaging educators. One look at our testimonials, will show you that our instructors not only make the complex easy to understand, but also make the most mundane topics interesting.

Our History

We’ve been proudly serving North Carolina since 1992. Once known as North Carolina Real Estate Education, Inc., BrightPath offers live and online classes for appraisal initial qualifying as well as continuing education. We also offer live and online continuing education courses for real estate brokers.

Our appraisal trainee qualifying class instructors are well regarded not only for their subject matter expertise but also for their teaching ability. We believe that if you are going prepare for a new career that is it our job to provide you with the content, knowledge, and information that you need to succeed and not simply take your money and let you out of class early. Rest assured, you will get your money’s worth!

We excel at continuing education. Ask around! We’ve been told time and time again by our students that take all their CE from BrightPath because they can trust us to provide accurate, timely, authoritative, unbiased instruction on appraisal methodology, approaches to value, appraisal theory, case law, Appraisal Board rules and law, Real Estate Commission Rules and laws, BPOs, AVMs, Collateral Underwriter, and the things you need to know to “stay out of the ditches” so to speak. If you are going to pay money to be in class and lose money by missing time at work, then we are going to provide you with quality information you can apply immediately in your work.

Online education is a big part of what we do. We have a full line of continuing education classes available and work with your partners to keep new and fresh classes coming each year. Based on the Board’s or Commission’s requirements, we have those initial qualifying classes that are allowed to be taken online.

Our Team

BrightPath Education Services would be nothing without the people behind the scenes that help make it happen. From teaching classes across North Carolina, writing our original courses, communicating with state agencies, and everything else you can imagine in-between – our folks do it all.