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BrightPath Education Services has a rich history and benefits from a very talented pool of instructors and support staff.


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“I would go to Mel Black’s USPAP class at any price, because I actually feel like I learned something. I wouldn’t take a second rate USPAP class at any price, even if it were FREE! That’s how much I appreciate his knowledge and understanding of the appraisal industry.”

“An appraisal friend of mine asked if I wanted to use someone else for a class.  My response was that I used the 2nd string once before and it wasn’t good.  I simply want to say thank you for how you help the Appraisal industry.”

“I always come away learning how to do my job better (Be a better Appraiser) after attending a BrightPath class. I believe it is a great investment in my business.”

“Mel is a delightful instructor with a charming Carolina accent and an unmatched level of knowledge and experience about USPAP and the appraisal profession.”

“Mel Black is a USPAP nerd they don’t make’em like that anymore.”

“What can I say – Mel always does an excellent job in presentations and content.”

“Instructor is extremely knowledgeable; the best USPSP class I have ever taken.”

“Mel has a wonder depth of knowledge of appraisal work and relate well to everyday appraisals.”

“Instructors are always imminently qualified, engaging and very interesting.”