Student comments from our fall USPAP classes


Here at BrightPath we’ve been teaching our USPAP classes in every corner of North Carolina. From Boone to Morehead City and everywhere in between, we’ve been spreading the good word. One thing we’ve been trying to do over these last few months is gather feedback from our students more regularly so that we can get a better idea of how we can serve them better and what things we need to work on.

Below are some of our favorite comments that we’ve gotten from students recently…

“I recently took USPAP from Mel, and have taken many classes over the years from Mel. He is the best instructor there is, he makes classes interesting. As an appraiser, attorney, and former NCAB member, he knows all aspects of the business.”

– Gary W.

“Took the 2018-2019 USPAP Update with Mel in Morehead City. I ALWAYS take my USPAP Update with Mel! His class is engaging and full of good info. Mel is a USPAP Nerd. 🙂 (in the most complimentary sense of the word) His enthusiasm is contagious and the time passes quickly. Thanks Mel! For making a possibly dry subject actually enjoyable. Hope you come to Morehead City on a regular basis. Regardless, I’ll see you next time!….for USPAP and other classes too!”

– Tammie Daughety

“Mel is the only Instructor I’ve found that can make USPAP enjoyable, educational and interesting at the same time.”

– Todd S.

“This was a good class. Not only informative but we did not get bogged down on any one issue. Class time passed quickly. Mel does a great job given his varied experience as an appraiser, attorney and member executive director of the appraisal board. Always look forward to one of his classes.”

– Tom M.

“The instructor for our USPAP Update 2018-19 course Mel Black was entertaining, funny, and because of this, he kept the class human; palatable; light despite what can often be mundane material; applicable to everyday trainee and appraisal life; and his teaching style and efforts were engaging for all of us, as I think many of his return students would agree. Great Class all of the way around! I highly recommend and will refer other students to Mel Black’s BrightPath Education Services courses! I definitely will be back!”

– Brian C.

“Mel is our favorite by far, he takes a dry subject and makes it enjoyable. I hope we never have to take USPAP from any one else.”

– Richard S.

“The biggest thing or me is that I feel that I did not waste my time just to get hours. The classes that I have taken under Mel, this one and others, are interactive and most often times the discussion that results during presentation of the information will be as beneficial as the initial data. So really, please keep up what you are doing. My only negative thought, and this is minor, the Paragon Bank facility is a formal location, and did not offer a good opportunity to wander a bit and stretch the legs as some of the motel locations do, but as I said, that is minor. Thanks or what you do, and please keep it up.”

– Marc J.

Want to see some other comments that students have shared with us? Head on over to our feedback page and take a look for yourself. If you’re looking to take a USPAP class or any other class that we offer, view out event schedule here.



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