NC Senate Bill Proposes to Change Appraiser Qualifications in North Carolina


North Carolina Senate Bill 462, filed on April 1st, proposes changes to appraiser qualifications requirements in North Carolina.


This bill aims to amend GS 93E-1-6, concerning qualifications for certification and licensure as a real estate appraiser in North Carolina.


Learn more about this bill by heading to the page about bill 462 on North Carolina General Assembly’s website.


Read the School of Government at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s summary of this bill by following this link.


We will be updating this page with more information about and analysis of this bill as it becomes available. Please check back again soon.


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  1. Joe Forrester

    What does this mean for appraisers currently licensed and certified?

  2. Dianne Hines


  3. Frank Leader

    The bill brings NC law into line with Federal education and qualifications for trainees and appraisers, however it drops even a high school diploma level of education.
    A good thing is that NCREAA(North Carolina Real Estate Appraiser Association) supports maintaining the integrity of the appraisal profession and thereby ensuring the public trust. We will continue to monitor the progress of this Senate bill and the companion House bill, H588.
    Another good thing about federal laws and state laws is that we, at the state level, can accept the “minimum” rules from the Fed’s or we can decide to upgrade and ask for more training and education – which North Carolina has done in the past.
    NCREAA will be following this and any other legislation that affects appraisers in the state and working with other appraiser organizations across the country to address national issues. Check our websites too… & .

  4. Michael Waatts

    This is ridiculous!


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