NC Appraisal Board Votes to Seek Lower Appraisal Education and Experience Requirements


Note:  Please see my Feb 13, 2018 blog post for background information and prior action on this topic.


Lower education and experience requirements for Certified Residential Appraisers could be on the way in North Carolina.  


On November 8, 2018, the NC Appraisal Board voted to pursue legislation that would lower the state’s current requirements to the new levels established by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) earlier this year.   A North Carolina statute change is required to implement these lower requirement.  A Bill is expected in the NC General Assembly in 2019.



Experience requirements would drop from 2500 hours over 2 years to 1500 hours over 1 year.



The strict college degree would be replaced with various options to include college level education as well as skipping the education requirement if a person has been a Licensed Residential Appraisal for 5 years and meets certain conditions.


North Carolina joins a majority of states in pursuing the lower standards.  While some state are still considering the issue, here are the approximate numbers on actions by other states:

  • 35 Adopting the new AQB minimum
  • 6 Lowering education but not experience
  • 2 No changes –maintaining current requirements


It will be interesting to see how the next step at the NC General Assembly will go.



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