Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get here at BrightPath. Still have a question? Get in touch!

Live class registration

Why do you need certain information?
We do not sell your information, this is for us to contact about courses or for payments.
How do I reset my password?

To reset your account’s password on BrightPath’s website, please follow this link:

We do our best to make sure emails from BrightPath’s website end up in your email inbox and not your spam folder, however sometimes our messages do get flagged as junk. If you don’t see your password reset email, please check your spam or junk folders.

Still can’t access your account? Contact us and we’ll work with you to resolve the problem.

I want to register for a course, what do I do?

Registering online is your best option. This will help keep track in an account

How do I know if a course if happening and has availability?

Our site is always up to date on seats available, location and time. In the description section you will see what you need to bring to class if anything and more details about the course.

I'm not sure if I can make class or not and I may walk in.

In general, BrightPath allows space for Walk-Ins. If the course is sold out this will be noted on the site and there will be a walk-in waitlist.


I am a walkin for class, how will I get a certificate?
The instructor always has extra certificates they will fill one out for you.
I have lost my certificate(s), how do I get a copy?

Please fill out our certificate replacement form and submit your payment by visiting this page. We will assess a nominal fee to cover the administrative overhead needed to check your enrollment history and issue a replacement certificates.

While we’re often able to offer quick turnaround on most replacement requests, please allow up to five business days for processing. Thank you for your understanding.

Live class cancellation

I cannot attend class and I have already signed up. What do I do?

Please always notify BrightPath as soon as you know you are unable to attend a live class. Students who cancel a Qualifying Education course registration at least one week (7 days) in advance of the course start date may receive a refund. Learn more on our Policies & Procedures Disclosure document by following this link to our terms page for more specifics on our class cancellation policies.

Will BrightPath ever cancel live classes?

We always do our best to avoid cancelling any courses after they have been scheduled and students have registered.

In the event of a cancellation due to weather or any other circumstances, an email notification of the cancellation will be sent out as soon as we can to the same email address you used to register for class.

Please note that rules from the North Carolina Appraisal Board and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission stipulate that we are required have to cancel a class if there are not enough students (5 minimum) registered.

Proctor Exam

I have finished an online QE course and need to schedule an exam.

Please contact Hondros Education to arrange a time for your exam. Hondros Education is available via phone at 1-800-282-7972 or via email at [email protected]

Online self paced classes

I have a question about an online class, who do I ask?
Please direct all questions about online classes to our online learning partner, Hondros Learning.

Contact information for Hondros Learning:

Phone: 1-800-282-7972
Email: [email protected]

Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm EST
Saturday, 10am – 3pm EST
Closed Sunday and Holidays

How long do I have to take an online class?
The NC Real Estate Commission requires that all online real estate CE courses be completed within 30 days of the course registration date.

For online appraisal CE, students will have access to courses for 6 months from the date of purchase.

In the case of online appraisal pre-licensing, Hondros Learning will extend availability of a course for a student for up to 2 years at no additional charge.

Please contact Hondros Learning for any questions about online self paced classes.

Contact information for Hondros Learning:

Phone: 1-800-282-7972
Email: [email protected]

Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm EST
Saturday, 10am – 3pm EST
Closed Sunday and Holidays


How do I pay BrightPath?

Payments are accepted before class starts or online. Please do not mail checks UNLESS directed to do so.

How do I know if a course is going to be held or has any availability?

Our site is always up to date on seats available, location and time. In the description section you will see what you need to bring to class if anything and more details about the course.

What if I want to split my payment across multiple credit cards or payment methods?

On some occasions, a payment for a BrightPath class is so large that you might want to split it up across multiple credit cards or payment methods.

If you’d like to do this, please select “Pay by Cash or Check” and then contact us immediately after placing your order.

We’ll work with you to manually process your payment per your instructions and feedback.

General Appraiser Info

Appraisal Board Contact

Brightpath Courses

Classes are 7 hours CE Credit

What do I need to take?

7 HR USPAP Update is required by May 31 of an even numbered year. Ex (May 31, 2018). It is also required to have electives equaling 21 hours. (3 Brightpath electives). These are due by May 31, 2019.

I want to become an appraiser, what do I do?

For information please review the appraiser booklet

General Real Estate Info

Real Estate Commission Contact

Brightpath Courses

Classes are 4 hours CE Credit

What do I need to take?

A 4 HR Update course (Broker or General) is required as well as one 4 HR elective. This is due by June 10th of every year. Ex (June 10, 2018). It is also required that an Ethics course is taken every two years. (Jan 1, 2017-Dec 31, 2019)

Filling Courses

Who files a completed course?

Brightpath Education will file the course with the appropriate board. Brightpath may offer dual credit for a course. This is a select few and you must decide at the time the course is taken. There is a $35 filing fee to file an appraisal course for real estate credit.

I want Real Estate credit for my Appraisal Course.

If Brightpath has not offered this during the live class then please use the link: to file with the RE Commission. You will select Processing of course approved by the NC Appraisal Board


How do I get a discount?

Brightpath Education will occasionally send out emails with discount codes. Make sure you are on our email list.

We are no longer offering bundle discounts for buying multiple courses at once with us. We have opted for lower all prices overall instead of offering bundling.

Corporate discounts

REALTOR Associations all over the state Sponsor Brightpath Education CE Courses and in turn are able to offer a discount to students. Are you affiliated with a REALTOR Association and would like BrightPath to offer CE for your organization? Please visit our partner page to learn more about what we can offer.


I have an appraisal or real estate licensing law related question

Please visit to learn more about Mel’s law practice


BrightPath Education services does not discriminate in admissions policy, practice or general operations against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, national origin, religious preference or handicap.


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