Appraisal Board Bill Clears the NC Senate and Heads to the NC House

On July 2, 2019, a North Carolina Bill that would change the North Carolina Appraisal Board’s requirements for an appraisal trainee to upgrade to a licensed or certified appraiser and that would address registration of appraisal management companies has passed the NC Senate.

Senate Bill 462 now heads to the NC House.

Much has been written in our previous blog posts about the content of this Bill.

We will continue to provide updates as this develops.

  1. Brian Barker

    Can’t imagine that elected politicians would be for lowering standards (snicker snicker) . They generally have little clue anyway so not too surprising here.

    Write your representative and have him or her tell you why they chose this then raise your standards and vote them out.

  2. Randolph York

    Great news ! I have been a licensed appraiser for the prior 27 years and now I will be able to become a certified appraiser !

    It is about time !

  3. Matt Bobe

    This Bill is very confusing! The section dealing with certified general requirements appears to have been stricken (when I read it, a black line existed through the Bachelor degree requirement) but I come to find out that this Bill only reduces the requirement for licensed and certified residential. According to your email, NC lost 450 appraisers last year, a roughly 12.5% drop from the year before. Obviously there are things that go on that are above my pay grade, but hopefully they have some type of plan in the works to reduce the college requirement for certified general. Even if they just offered the ability to submit evidence of the quality of your work and let you take the exam. As a trainee I am producing work that is on par with some MAI appraisers, but with no degree, I’m not good enough in the eyes of the NCAB…Thank you for the information you disseminate, knowledge is power.


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